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There are a number of benefits to resolving your case by mediation rather than litigating in court. In mediation, you have control over the outcome of your case, whereas in court, you relinquish all control to a judge.  Your unique circumstances can be addressed. You can have all of your questions answered with a professional who knows the law.  Mediation is often a less expensive option than taking your case to court.


Unlike in court, a mediator does not favor either party, but instead serves to ensure there is respect for each other and for the process. You are also encouraged, but not required, to have your own attorney review your settlement agreement before you sign it.

Trained Experience

Attorney Dumont is a trained Mediator having successfully completed a five-week training program.  Attorney Dumont also teaches a Negotiations course at the University of Connecticut School of Law. While skills such as mediation and negotiation are a strong part of her practice, Attorney Dumont is also a knowledgeable of litigation and can assist you in avoiding certain pitfalls.

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